• . perlei . Company

    PERLEI admires the beauty of natural rare stones, particularly Chinese jades. Fine jade artefacts reflecting the magical works of art of history ranging as far back from the Neolithic period are acquired over the past decade. PERLEI draws upon expertise and associations with scholars and collectors, and applies a systematic methodology in appraising each work piece of PERLEI Art.

    Certain unique pieces of acquired jades and rare stones, after passing through the brain of the Designer; the eyes of the Gemologist and the hands of the Masters, were transformed into intricate luxury pieces of PERLEI Jewellery.

    PERLEI enjoys and welcome the sharing of Jade artistry appreciation and techincal knowledge of stone authenication. A written appraisal consisting of the phyiscal description, historical context or citations developed from research will be provided for art piece purchased.

    **PERLEI adopts its name from the two simple Italian words ‘for YOU’. It’s pure and simple intention is to select a suitable artefact or create an unique jewellery piece just for the right YOU!

  • . Jane . Founder + Designer


    – 1995-Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng Hons) ; University of Glasgow, UK

    – 2003-Masters of Engineering (M.Eng) ; National University of Singapore

    Her formal academic achievements in engineering both in Scotland and Singapore did not stop her from pursuing her passion in design. She enjoys the process of discovering, acquiring, improving and ultimately infusing them all. She is able to merge and neutralize the technical skills in engineering to the creative world of design. For art jewellery, what you need is not mere design, it’s the understanding and appreciation of the history elements within the art pieces and tranforming it into a wearable and collectible jewellery. Jane emphasizes in structural crafting and maintaining art pieces in it’s original form. For the past decade, she travelled constantly to upgrade her knowledge and skills in gemstones and design. Her latest acquisition brought her back to the beautiful town of Florence, Italy that houses some of the greatest oreficeria (goldsmithing) masters in the world. Her knowledge and understanding of jewelry crafting deepened, but she’s definitely not stopping here….

  • . CHOK . Jade Collector + Gemologist


    – 1995-Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng Hons) ; University of Glasgow, UK

    – 2002-Masters of Science (M.Sc) majoring in Geoctechnical ; National University of Singapore

    – 2004-Accredited Gemologist ; Asian Institute of Gemological Science

    Being in the Geotechnical Laboratory testing field for nearly two decades, gemstones authentication is second nature to him. Chok is passionate in his field of studies and is constantly upgrading his knowledge. He loves Chinese history and its works of art, specifically Chinese jades. He started jade collection since 15 years back and being an accredited gemologist that provides him an upper hand in acquiring, his ample collection of jade and rare stones is still constantly growing…..